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Detox Foot Patch

Detox foot patches that work, feel better
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detox foot patch

By tradition, the Chinese and Japanese have acknowledged the effects of detoxification of certain tree extracts and the meridian pressure points of reflexology and acupressure. When this combination of herbs are applied to the sole of the foot, it has been found to greatly improve circulation and promote detoxification of the human body, leading to better general health and well-being. This combination of toxin cleansing and reflexology has made this formula a favourite among Asians, young and old, healthy and weak.

The Suresafe Foot Detox Patch contains only natural botanicals and minerals. It clears the buildup of waste products(toxins) in our body, achieving results previously only gained from strenuous physical activities, including fasting, dieting, sweating it out in a sauna, and regular physical exercise.

The Suresafe Foot Detox Patch helps to cleanse your body's waste products in an easy, trouble-free and painless way. Just wrap one sheet of the detox foot patch on the sole of your foot before going to bed. Allow it to work while you are asleep and remove it when you wake up in the morning. The color of the sheet will change according to the condition of your health. Those with health problems may notice that the sheets are initially darker the following morning. With regular use, the sheets will progressively get lighter and lighter, signifying a steady improvement in your health. The detox foot patch can also be applied to specific conditions on various parts of the body, such as the wrist, knee, shoulder, ankle, and groin.

From personal experience, I`d suggest that newcomers apply the detox foot patches daily for 3-5 weeks. You will notice the patches turning a lighter and lighter shade as the days go by. At the same time, you will notice your health condition improving. Once the patches from your foot become significantly lighter, you can then apply the patches every alternate day and even once a week as conditions improve.

Don`t miss out on the opportunity to order now, as the detox foot patch packages are designed with affordability in mind, at 40 patches for only $64.95, 60 patches for only $89.95. If you are a beginner, 20 patches are also available at $34.95. Your detox patches will be packed securely and delivered to your doorstep, at a flat rate of $14.95 worldwide regardless of order size, with delivery taking between 4 - 12 days. Your online payment is processed by all major credit cards, absolutely safe and secure. Other payment methods such as a standard bank transfer, Paypal or Western Union are also accepted. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee which will offer a full refund on any number of unopened packets, up to 1 unopened packet.

What are you waiting for? Health is wealth and money cannot bring back good health. Do you not at least owe it to yourself or your loved ones to try to improve your well being? Try out the Suresafe detox foot patch today!

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